Tuesday, 20 May 2008

La Boheme

Myself and a group of people from work went to see a performance of La Boheme performed by the The NBR New Zealand Opera last Thurs evening.

It was an early enough start with curtain up at 7:30pm so that didn't really give time for a relaxed dinner in advance. Instead three of us headed down to Chow at 6 to grab bite to eat; to be told they were full. I'm used to waiting in Chow but I thought that at 6 we'd be fine but apparently not! I then suggested we try The Lido so off we headed. As we got closer we could see that that was chockers too!! So in the end we ended up in a little Malaysian cafe off Cuba St. I've been there lots and while it's far from fine dining it's amazing value. For $7 (I kid you not!) I got a bowl of noodle soup full of freshly cooked crunchie vegetables and tofu that had me more than full after not being able to finish it. Yummy! Then off we headed to the St James Theatre to meet up with the others.

I hadn't been to that theatre before but it's really quite beautiful inside in the main theatre. Not sure how to describe it (here's why I rarely write book reviews on bookcrossing; I'm rubbish at this sort of thing!) but it was beautifully maintained and not at all gaudy! We had pretty decent seats so no obstructed views or peering around corners or anything like that which was great. I had to laugh when before the performance started one of my colleagues said that he reckoned Puccini had a problem with women as most of the female love interests in his operas end up dying!! The performance was very enjoyable; i couldn't believe it when the first act ended after 40 mins... it hadn't seemed anything that long at all! The production had been somewhat modernised but I liked the sets and the some of the scene changes were very well done! The only time I had a problem with the set was for the last act where they lowered a "ceiling" down to represent room but I could still the light above. It shouldn't have bothered me but it did. We were a mixed crowd there; some people have been to quite a few operas in the past, some like me, have only been to 3 or 4 and for others this was their first. But there was a unanimous decision that it was a very enjoyable performance though not everybody liked the scene. For me I found it visually pleasing while one or two others felt that it was too crowded and left nothing to the imagination. But wouldn't it have been boring if we'd all agreed?!!

Afterwards 5 of us headed to Motel for a couple of drinks. I didn't have a cocktail on this visit but a very tasty vodka and tonic instead. I do like this place though I always find it very cold!! Finished up the night around midnight. A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing Thurs evening!

Oh.. and the new Melbourne shoes got their first outing :)

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Kathleen said...

Hope the shoes held up well, i hate breaking in new shoes. Glad you had a great evening.