Thursday, 8 May 2008

Let me psych you out.

Headed out to The Pinnacles and Cape Palliser last Sunday. It's a 2 hr drive to The Pinnacles and then about another 20 mins on to Cape Palliser. This is a beautiful area along the Martinborough coast. Short walk in among The Pinnacles but as we were walking among them no really good pictures unfortunately. It was also hard to get good photos because the sky was just grey/white. Was interesting how just adjusting angle when taking photo to put less sky in meant that picture would be clearer... unfortunately doing that you lose part of what you're trying to capture.

But luckily the sea was just fantastic on Sunday. Some fantastic waves near Cape Palliser and as it was late afternoon (sunset was 5:24pm on Sunday) the sky was gorgeous. Not bright oranges and reds or anything but just interesting because of the clouds. I even went up the scary steps again to the lighthouse. It's beautiful once you're up there there but I just don't like the steps!

Monday evening was the first evening of my practical psychology course in Wellington High School. I turned up at 6:05 for 6:30 start. A bit early I know but I just didn't know how long it would take me to walk down there. It was nice to see that i wasn't the first to arrive. It's the first time that this particular course has been run so we're all aware (we weren't before Mon evening of course) that we're effectively guinea pigs as I guess our feedback will decide how course is going forward. The tutor is, well, interesting but not sure how how long he's actually worked as a psychologist. He did undergrad in psychology then became primary school teacher then social worker then did Masters in psychology and then became concert guitarist and I believe has been doing that for about 20 years. He got back in to psychology following the Peter Ellis case here in New Zealand. I don't know all the details but abuse of psychology - toddlers/children saying they've been abused as a result of suggestion. Since then he's still playing guitar but he's now also a journalist and writing a psychology book. But having said all that at the end of the two hours I came out not quite knowing what, if anything, I'd taken out of the class. A couple of experiments were done that were messed up but I'm putting that down to first class sort of thing. But, he also said one or two things (when we were discussing topics we'll cover in coming weeks) that I'm not sure about. So, I reckon that there's still a good chance that I'll really enjoy this course but there's also a lingering thought that I shouldn't be surprised if I don't :) But definitely looking forward to next Monday!

Heading up to Rotorua for the weekend. Rotorua is well known for its mineral pools. I don't aim to do a lot there other than visit these pools and go for my hour long spa relaxation treatment at the Polynesian Spa on Sun morning :) Sigh... relaxing already!

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Kathleen said...

My dad loves Rotorua, he says it is fantastic he will be so jealous you are heading there, hope you have a great time