Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Not much...

Well, after a rather poor two step count days at least today I managed to get up over the 10000 steps mark. Annoyingly last week I got well over 10000 steps every day (82000 for the week) without trying whereas this week I'm doing nowhere near as good. I guess it's because Mon and Tues evening this week I was at home rather than walking somewhere. But today managed to up that as we had the team lunchtime "jaunt" that I had organised in the Botanic Gardens. Our whole team couldn't make it but we did manage to get a decent turn out of 6 or 7 of us out there. It was a really beautiful day - about 16 degrees and wonderfully sunny. I got well warm but was great to get out for the hour.

I had one of those slow afternoons where I needed a kick or jolt of some sort but didn't know what. Luckily once 5:30 arrived I had to leave to nip home and get changed before meeting Dani and Simone for a bite to eat before club. Dani earned brownie points by telling me that she loves some of my flickr photos... not that I respond easily to flattery or anything :) We had a tasty dinner (tasty rich tomato mushroom gnocci) and glass of wine in The Lido. I'm used to that place for brunch but not in the evenings and i was pleasantly surprised. Not a huge vegetarian option but at least it wasn't spinach and/or feta. And it was relatively tasty at least! They had some light jazz playing in the background which was very pleasant and it just reminded me that i have to go there some Sun evening when they have some live jazz!

On to club and then lift home (yes yes I know I should have walked but I really needed the bathroom so...) and now wondering whether I trust myself enough to try backing up my hard disk on to my external drive!

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