Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rambles of no particular interest...

Two days in, three to go... As things currently stand I'll be starting on a new project at work next week. I originally was due to start on this about 2 months ago but that didn't happen. On one hand I'm looking forward to some new work but it does mean that I'll have to move floors down to where this team is sitting. Not looking forward to losing my nice window desk and moving away from the bulk of the team, but guess it must be done.

Yesterday evening I headed off, in the wonderful non-stop rain, to fourth psychology class. There were 5 of us there (12 in the first couple of weeks). Hmm... I don't know. I spent the first 90 minutes wondering if the class would never end, really only managing to enjoy the last half hour. I think that there's just too much time spent talking about irrelevent things; or maybe it's just stuff that doesn't interest me. I mean an hour to discuss the results of last week's "experiment"? I don't know. There's no class next Monday because it's the queenie's birthday weekend so we get Monday off. I'll try one more class but if I end up hating 75% of the time I'm there then I'm out of it. Especially as I could be either playing squash or climbing on a Monday evening instead!

But did have v enjoyable rest of the evening following class watching the end of The Barbarian Invasion (fantastic movie) and laughing at Mark Kermode's 10 minute "Here's why I hate Priates of the Carribean III" famous rant from Canes on You Tube. It's great, he barely takes a breath for the whole thing. I listen to his weekly podcast anyway but I hadn't heard this but I have heard lots of references to it :)

Climbing on Thurs evening. Think I'm more nervous about this than I was about the course itself! Maybe it's because the girl who I'll be climbing with was one of the better ones in the group!

Oh my Lord... Nightline has results of the Eurovision song contest on!!


Kathleen said...

yeah Russia won! oh well, better luck next year!

eefa said...

Spare me please Kathleen!! The thought of us winning (again!) the Eurovision is horrible indeed. We had our run in the '90s (and probably other decades too... when did Logan and Dana win?) so I'm happy to let the Eeastern Bloc countries run with the baton now :)