Tuesday, 20 May 2008

This evenings itinerary...

hold your breath folks it was deadly exciting!
In no more particular order...

1. Bit more of a tidy up
2. Put away iron from last night (i should have ironed the skirt i forgot to do last night but...)
3. Empty dishwasher
4. Laundry (okay i didn't do this but i should have)
5. Vacuuming
6. Open up external hard-drive parcel... got this last Tues.
7. Dinner
8. Phone call
9.This post
10. Watch Boston Legal (well will be doing so in 15 mins)
11. Catch up on a few emails (yes I know I'm still way behind!)
12. Lose the ability to count (my fingers insisted on typing 12 for 11. Took three tries!)
13. Listen to CD1 of the beautiful John Elliot Gardiner series Bach Cantatas, volume 13 (For the Fourth Sunday after Trinity).

Obviously not all chores/tasks but for someone who for years has refused to housework mid-week this housework two evenings in a row thing is worth noting!

I see that Myanmar/Burma is to start a three day period of mourning. I can't help feeling if they were shamed in to it (if that's possible) after China's 3 days of mourning which happened so much sooner after their earthquake(s). Somewhat of a pity that the military Junta didn't feel that they could let aid in to actually reduce the number of people that need to be mourned for...

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