Friday, 16 May 2008


I'm off to Melbourne again!! This time I'm on a 6am Sat morning flight (that means 4am rising time) with a midnight arrival back in Welly on Sun night. And staying in nice hotel to boot. Oh yay :) So my relaxed chilled weekend for this weekend has become mad get home and pack, order taxi, shower & wash hair, eat dinner, bed, hopefully sleep and then get up at obscene hour of morning. Unbelievably (or may not so unbelievably), Melbourne which has had temperature in high teens all week and high teens next week has forecast of wind and storms for tomorrow with a grand high of 14 degrees. It seems that while I may like Melbourne it doesn't seem to think the same of me!

Right food... cleaning, sorting and general tidy up next week then!!


SunshineSonya said...

Cyclone Aoife hits town again !!!

Has been 21 to 22'c all week ... poor you ... really atrocious weather today .. although considering we're in the middle or a long drought, the rain is much appreciated here !!

I'm sure the farmers in Northern Vic would love to have you visit for a few months !!

Lemonjelly said...

Well, you are having fun aren't you? :-)

eefa said...

I am indeed having fun... even if Melbourne insists on only showing the worst of it's weather to me :)