Saturday, 28 June 2008

Windy out there...

Oh... maybe I won't be taking the camera out for a walk today. Admittedly listening to the wind howling outside at 4am this morning I did wonder what I should expect when I woke up again this morning. Well, not a lot of anything good it seems! Rain and lots of wind out there so I thought I'd check forecast to see if it was going to clear up later. Nope. In fact severe weather warnings have been issued:

STRONG WIND WARNING WELLINGTON AND COASTAL WAIRARAPA : Southerly gales are expected through to this evening, before easing. The winds are likely to reach severe gale between 8am and 6pm today, with gusts of 130 km/h, especially about exposed hill tops.

Nice he? Guess I'll watch some more Prime Suspect then! And combine that with some more lazing...

Weeks rundown....

I feel that I should post something just to say hello if nothing else but I'm not sure that I really have anything interesting to say! It's not that I've been sitting around on my arse doing nothing... that's not the case at all but just don't feel as motivated to post. I think actually that the problem might have been that I was back to using web interface for blogging until it was pointed out that as I'm using an Apple notebook I could just install Mars Edit on it (which is the application I use on my Mac Book for web posting). And then I noticed today that it's already on it :)

So update on the Mac Book is that I got an email last Monday from the insurance company saying I have to send it to XYZ company for inspection that will determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. I actually phoned this company to make sure that they have some experience with Apple products... not that I'm fussing or anything you understand :) So I haven't actually had opportunity to courier it off yet but will do so on Monday!

So my week consisted of:
Last Weekend: chilled brunch, enjoying the sun on the bridge in early afternoon, party on Sat evening. On Sun we drove out to Greytown and then to Waiarapa coast towards Cape Palliser. A long drive for some coffee and a walk on the beach but it was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable :)
Monday: penultimate practical psychology course on Mon evening. Home about 9:20pm so some food, and then off to bed with my current read - The People of the Book.
Tuesday: Three, yes three, episodes of BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice (I think that DVD purchase 4 or 5 years ago may be the best purchase I've ever made... I have watched these soooo many times!!!) while munching on some yummy mushroom and spinach pizza from Pizza Pomodoro.
Wednesday: Finally confirm that I have place in pilates class starting next Weds evening (while my back is so much better than it was I have minimal core strength which is why I can't sit on a couch for any length of time without getting uncomfortable). Met a friend after work for some wine.. oh and food! Then headed down to tramping club to sign up for tramp in a few weekends time (I'm trying to avoid actually thinking about this until I have to :) ) and day walk in a fortnight.
Thursday: What did I do Thursday...? Em.. Oh yes. Booked on to Beginners Photography course starting at the end of July! Climbing after work. Dear God but my toes cramped on each of the three climbs that I did! It's the fear of cramping rather than anything else that gets to me with climbing at the moment. I seriously need to get some good foot exercises to get over this as it was horrific... though not as bad as it could have been I guess. I nearly managed a grade 13 (they don't really get any easier than that)... just twice I had to use non green hand hold. Then back for quick shower and change and off out for a quite tasty dinner in Floriditas. I even had dessert which I had not intended on having and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my hazelnut and someothernut meringue with poached rhubarb. I rolled home :)
Friday: Out for dinner (nowhere near as fancy as Floriditas) for fineos 15th birthday dinner. Was pleasant and fun.
Saturday: Woke with a jump (literally) when alarm went off at 7:15am this morning! Out to airport to see Dave off back to Ireland and then I headed back home to have a shower and try to wake up! Out for some breakfast, cup cake (dark chocolate and raspberry) purchasing, Bivouac visit (a few purchases) and some veggies from organic store (not that impressed with the place and I think it was a tad pricey... farmers markets much better!). Oh and visit to library to rent copy of Prime Suspect 3 and part I of Prime Suspect 4 (don't like the way they split it over two separate DVDs!). So for afternoon I lazed and watch part 1 of series 3. Then fell asleep on floor for an hour. When I woke up I was totally disoriented having no idea what day or time of day it was or if I should actually be somewhere!! Then I ate cup cake. And made some soup with my expensive veggies. Later my mate Va from UK phoned and we had a good natter which was fantastic as we haven't spoken since the day she got married in March!!

And eh.. that's it! Tomorrow if weather holds up I'll head out with camera and see if I can get any nice photos :)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Still here...

Well just a quick note to indicate that I am still alive and kicking!  As you may have noticed I've got a little bit quieter on the posting front as I was sans Mac Book since the water spill... and in fact I still am.  I currently have, on loan, provided I let no water near it, a 4 year dinky little Mac laptop (I've given up trying to remember what it's official name is!) .  Needless to say I'm well confused as the keyboard is the Irish keyboard unlike my Mac Book which has the antipodean keyboard with some keys in the wrong place... but which I'd got used to  nonetheless!  

Nothing exciting to report really.  Last week was busy - bookcrossing, psychology class, Sex and the City movie (disappointing shoes to say the least!).  Weekend was a day of viewing Pride & Prejudice with  some of the girls.  Poor Deirdre, she has never read the book let alone seen the BBC adaptation so Jill and myself had to make special effort to stop reacting in anticipation on oncoming scenes and I had to stop myself quoting lines from it!!

Work is different.  I've moved on to a new project and hence have had to move floors.  Not overly excited by that as i've lost my desk with lovely view.  And this floor is what I call the overfloor... doesn't really have the same buzz or atmosphere that I've got used to over the last 10 months.  Hopefully it'll improve...

Hmm... I'm sure that I did have lots to say but eh, well, can't think of anything.  So I'll just go with hello and hope you're all keeping good :)

Monday, 9 June 2008


Rant begin.
What a start to Monday... especially have such a lovely weekend.

4:45am particularly noisy bin rubbish collection outside my window.
7:30am I wake up again. Mac Book broken.
Got ready for work. Got to lobby of apartment building and go "Shit" (apologies to that young boy heading out to school) as I realise that my keys are still in my hand bag on dining table. This means that I can't even get up to my floor and once I left building I can't even get back in to building itself.
I swear, I kept expecting to spill my coffee on the walk to work. Amazingly it didn't spill (thank God for small mercies).
Luckily the apartment building manager was in her office so after a quick call I nipped home and she let me in to my apartment to collect my keys. Thank you Glynnis!!

1. Do not do last minute switch from hand bag to backpack.
2. Be nice to Mac Book. And find insurance policy. And hope.

Am I in mood for psychology class this evening? No, definitely not! What I will be in the mood for is a large glass of wine! Not arriving home to a cold apartment at 9pm tonight. Dear Lord, why do the Kiwis not put central heating in to the buildings? Someone might want to point out to them that it gets pretty damn cold here in the winter!!

Rant over.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Writers Block: Funniest Thing Ever....

A bunch of my friends back home post on Live Journal which is more of a community based setup than blogger. Personally I prefer blogger as I just like to keep ye up to date on the interesting and not so interesting events in my life. However, when I post here on blogger I normally post on LJ with my post just being a link to the blogger entry. LJ have a daily thing called Writers Block where they ask a question with general question where anybody can post a comment. When I logged in the other day I read that days Writers Block and thought I'd answer, and well I think some of my blogger readers might find this amusing too so here goes...

Out of all the funny things that have ever happened to you, which experience still cracks you up?

In between visits to national parks in Africa in 2000 we paid a visit to a sanctuary for old and injured lions. There was one enclosure that had this rather moth bitten old lion who was a permanent resident of the sanctuary as there was no way he'd survive if they released him back in to the wild. I went right up to the edge to watch this guy and was thrilled when he started to slowly amble over. About 2 feet from the fence he just turned around. I assumed he wasn't that interested and was about to walk off. What I didn't realise was that what he was really thinking was 'Oh great, another one!!!" and he promptly released a jet of pee out through fence that managed to get me in the face (seriously!) and down my torso and arms.

Actually as I write this I'm not sure I find it funny rather than cringeworthy! But having said that, the others in my group thought it was hysterical so I guess it was funny :) I mean seriously, how many people can honestly say that they've been marked by a lion??

And as I pointed out in a response to a comment made
After it happened one of the guys who works there said to me, "Oh yeah, he does that all the time to people"!!! Wouldn't you think they'd have mentioned that in advance of the event rather than after!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sunset sky and cotton wool clouds

What an unbelievable sky there was at sunset today. Sitting at my desk I spent alot of time just staring out the window at these fantastic soft cotton wool like clouds against a blue sky with these amazing colours of organgey gold, bronze and a bit of light gold putting in an apperance at random intervals. By far nicest sunset I've ever seen while still in work, even if it was a tad distracting as a result :) I sooo wish I'd had my camera with me!

Monday, 2 June 2008


it's coming to the end of a rather lazy and relaxing long weekend here in Wellington. Had a lazy start on Fri evening with some pizza and DVD (that would be the one that I had to watch the end of on Sat because I needed to go to bed) and then a relaxing breakfast/brunch in the Aro Cafe on Sat morning. Before heading up to brunch though we caught part of the parade/arrival of Kiwi Vietnam war veterans arriving at parliament. Last week the New Zealand government made a formal apology to these veterans for the treatment that they received (or didn't receive I guess) on their return from Vietnam. A bit like in the US this was not a popular war but unfortunately that was reflected in the lack of welcome that these soldiers got on their return. As far as I know there were also issues around pensions as well. And on Sat morning there was another event on in the grounds of parliament as well.



I guess one of the advantages of living right across the road from parliament is that I don't have to go very far to see this sort of things!

Today, the forecasted rain did arrive and it was bucketing down this morning. But it didn't actually last all day so it wasn't too bad. I had leisurely morning reading and doing bits and pieces about the place before heading out for a long brunch (and chocolate brownie) in The Olive Cafe. After that it was a case of very slowly (about 2 hrs slowly) making my way back home via book shops and music stores.

Oh, for those of you who remember me writing about my attempt to finish Sacred Games, well I think I've given up. I took another break a while back to read another Henning Mankell book. Then last week I read Embers (Sandor Marai) and I'm currently racing through One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson). Oh but now I've got to go as Bones is on :)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Lives of Others

I went to see The Lives of Others when it came out in Dublin last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time thinking that it was/is a great film. So when I got my 30% off DVD voucher from Borders I bought the DVD which I watched this weekend. Like the first time around I believe that this is a truly great film. The acting, plot, dialogue, everything about it. For anybody who hasn't seen it yet all. Unforuntately my literary critic skills are somewhat lacking so all I can can say is get you hands on the DVD and watch it! You won't be disappointed!!

On a less world movie front, I got two DVDs today for $22; not bad, eh? They're Flatliners and The English Patient. I really enjoyed Flatliners when it came out and watched it again today and definitely enjoyed it again. Not quite in the same league as The Lives of Others but obviously I knew that. It's a fairly enjoyable easy to watch hollywood movie. Perfect for a bank holiday Sunday later afternoon after a morning and early afternoon of walking, shopping and lugging home too many bits and pieces.

On a total change of subject, that last few nights I've woken up in the middle of the night (well no change there of course!) and while I've got back to sleep on some of those nights, it happened again last night. Again I got back to sleep but the thing is, each time I wake up I feel horribly unsettled as if something is wrong. The first night this started was the evening I started on these antibiotics and the unsettled feeling has been each night I've been on them bar one night when I was awake for too much of the previous night! Any chance this could be because of the antibiotics d'you think? Just a thought...

Thoroughly enjoying my relaxing long weekend even if the rain is due tomorrow :)