Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Lives of Others

I went to see The Lives of Others when it came out in Dublin last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time thinking that it was/is a great film. So when I got my 30% off DVD voucher from Borders I bought the DVD which I watched this weekend. Like the first time around I believe that this is a truly great film. The acting, plot, dialogue, everything about it. For anybody who hasn't seen it yet all. Unforuntately my literary critic skills are somewhat lacking so all I can can say is get you hands on the DVD and watch it! You won't be disappointed!!

On a less world movie front, I got two DVDs today for $22; not bad, eh? They're Flatliners and The English Patient. I really enjoyed Flatliners when it came out and watched it again today and definitely enjoyed it again. Not quite in the same league as The Lives of Others but obviously I knew that. It's a fairly enjoyable easy to watch hollywood movie. Perfect for a bank holiday Sunday later afternoon after a morning and early afternoon of walking, shopping and lugging home too many bits and pieces.

On a total change of subject, that last few nights I've woken up in the middle of the night (well no change there of course!) and while I've got back to sleep on some of those nights, it happened again last night. Again I got back to sleep but the thing is, each time I wake up I feel horribly unsettled as if something is wrong. The first night this started was the evening I started on these antibiotics and the unsettled feeling has been each night I've been on them bar one night when I was awake for too much of the previous night! Any chance this could be because of the antibiotics d'you think? Just a thought...

Thoroughly enjoying my relaxing long weekend even if the rain is due tomorrow :)

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