Monday, 9 June 2008


Rant begin.
What a start to Monday... especially have such a lovely weekend.

4:45am particularly noisy bin rubbish collection outside my window.
7:30am I wake up again. Mac Book broken.
Got ready for work. Got to lobby of apartment building and go "Shit" (apologies to that young boy heading out to school) as I realise that my keys are still in my hand bag on dining table. This means that I can't even get up to my floor and once I left building I can't even get back in to building itself.
I swear, I kept expecting to spill my coffee on the walk to work. Amazingly it didn't spill (thank God for small mercies).
Luckily the apartment building manager was in her office so after a quick call I nipped home and she let me in to my apartment to collect my keys. Thank you Glynnis!!

1. Do not do last minute switch from hand bag to backpack.
2. Be nice to Mac Book. And find insurance policy. And hope.

Am I in mood for psychology class this evening? No, definitely not! What I will be in the mood for is a large glass of wine! Not arriving home to a cold apartment at 9pm tonight. Dear Lord, why do the Kiwis not put central heating in to the buildings? Someone might want to point out to them that it gets pretty damn cold here in the winter!!

Rant over.

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Kathleen said...

there's nothing like a rant, then your blood pressure eases and you get back to normal! Hope the mac works soon.