Saturday, 28 June 2008

Weeks rundown....

I feel that I should post something just to say hello if nothing else but I'm not sure that I really have anything interesting to say! It's not that I've been sitting around on my arse doing nothing... that's not the case at all but just don't feel as motivated to post. I think actually that the problem might have been that I was back to using web interface for blogging until it was pointed out that as I'm using an Apple notebook I could just install Mars Edit on it (which is the application I use on my Mac Book for web posting). And then I noticed today that it's already on it :)

So update on the Mac Book is that I got an email last Monday from the insurance company saying I have to send it to XYZ company for inspection that will determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. I actually phoned this company to make sure that they have some experience with Apple products... not that I'm fussing or anything you understand :) So I haven't actually had opportunity to courier it off yet but will do so on Monday!

So my week consisted of:
Last Weekend: chilled brunch, enjoying the sun on the bridge in early afternoon, party on Sat evening. On Sun we drove out to Greytown and then to Waiarapa coast towards Cape Palliser. A long drive for some coffee and a walk on the beach but it was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable :)
Monday: penultimate practical psychology course on Mon evening. Home about 9:20pm so some food, and then off to bed with my current read - The People of the Book.
Tuesday: Three, yes three, episodes of BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice (I think that DVD purchase 4 or 5 years ago may be the best purchase I've ever made... I have watched these soooo many times!!!) while munching on some yummy mushroom and spinach pizza from Pizza Pomodoro.
Wednesday: Finally confirm that I have place in pilates class starting next Weds evening (while my back is so much better than it was I have minimal core strength which is why I can't sit on a couch for any length of time without getting uncomfortable). Met a friend after work for some wine.. oh and food! Then headed down to tramping club to sign up for tramp in a few weekends time (I'm trying to avoid actually thinking about this until I have to :) ) and day walk in a fortnight.
Thursday: What did I do Thursday...? Em.. Oh yes. Booked on to Beginners Photography course starting at the end of July! Climbing after work. Dear God but my toes cramped on each of the three climbs that I did! It's the fear of cramping rather than anything else that gets to me with climbing at the moment. I seriously need to get some good foot exercises to get over this as it was horrific... though not as bad as it could have been I guess. I nearly managed a grade 13 (they don't really get any easier than that)... just twice I had to use non green hand hold. Then back for quick shower and change and off out for a quite tasty dinner in Floriditas. I even had dessert which I had not intended on having and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my hazelnut and someothernut meringue with poached rhubarb. I rolled home :)
Friday: Out for dinner (nowhere near as fancy as Floriditas) for fineos 15th birthday dinner. Was pleasant and fun.
Saturday: Woke with a jump (literally) when alarm went off at 7:15am this morning! Out to airport to see Dave off back to Ireland and then I headed back home to have a shower and try to wake up! Out for some breakfast, cup cake (dark chocolate and raspberry) purchasing, Bivouac visit (a few purchases) and some veggies from organic store (not that impressed with the place and I think it was a tad pricey... farmers markets much better!). Oh and visit to library to rent copy of Prime Suspect 3 and part I of Prime Suspect 4 (don't like the way they split it over two separate DVDs!). So for afternoon I lazed and watch part 1 of series 3. Then fell asleep on floor for an hour. When I woke up I was totally disoriented having no idea what day or time of day it was or if I should actually be somewhere!! Then I ate cup cake. And made some soup with my expensive veggies. Later my mate Va from UK phoned and we had a good natter which was fantastic as we haven't spoken since the day she got married in March!!

And eh.. that's it! Tomorrow if weather holds up I'll head out with camera and see if I can get any nice photos :)

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