Monday, 2 June 2008


it's coming to the end of a rather lazy and relaxing long weekend here in Wellington. Had a lazy start on Fri evening with some pizza and DVD (that would be the one that I had to watch the end of on Sat because I needed to go to bed) and then a relaxing breakfast/brunch in the Aro Cafe on Sat morning. Before heading up to brunch though we caught part of the parade/arrival of Kiwi Vietnam war veterans arriving at parliament. Last week the New Zealand government made a formal apology to these veterans for the treatment that they received (or didn't receive I guess) on their return from Vietnam. A bit like in the US this was not a popular war but unfortunately that was reflected in the lack of welcome that these soldiers got on their return. As far as I know there were also issues around pensions as well. And on Sat morning there was another event on in the grounds of parliament as well.



I guess one of the advantages of living right across the road from parliament is that I don't have to go very far to see this sort of things!

Today, the forecasted rain did arrive and it was bucketing down this morning. But it didn't actually last all day so it wasn't too bad. I had leisurely morning reading and doing bits and pieces about the place before heading out for a long brunch (and chocolate brownie) in The Olive Cafe. After that it was a case of very slowly (about 2 hrs slowly) making my way back home via book shops and music stores.

Oh, for those of you who remember me writing about my attempt to finish Sacred Games, well I think I've given up. I took another break a while back to read another Henning Mankell book. Then last week I read Embers (Sandor Marai) and I'm currently racing through One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson). Oh but now I've got to go as Bones is on :)

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Kathleen said...

wow, you really are right in the middle of town then. At least you don't have to walk far when you want to go to one of the events.