Thursday, 24 July 2008


Whoops, it's been a few weeks since my last post. Mixture of being busy at work, busy outside of work and missing my Mac Book :( It's definitely winter here; cold today and it was very very very very wet last Saturday when I was tramping. Absalutely everything I was wearing was totally wet after 3 hours and there we were heading to a hut with no heat of any sort. Anyway, as someone hurt their knee we were actually back at the van a little after 4 hrs walking.

Climbing this evening. I'm quite disgusted to find out that my current "challenge" wall is only a grade 14! I mean it seems so much harder than the other grade 14 which I use as my warm up climb now. It was so busy in there this evening that i didn't even get a chance to get to my challenge. Anyway, it'll probably be Sun week before I get to climb again and I'm telling you, I'm gonna get to the top... no matter how many attempts it takes!! And by that time I should have got my act together and bought my own climbing shoes.

Still haven't found a tenant for my apartment in Ireland. Bit depressing really so I try not to think about it. Will have to start viewing some places here too as I'm moving out on 24th Aug so need to find somewhere new to live. On a positive note, the insurance company have placed a purchase order with one of their suppliers to replace my Macbook as it's totally kaput after that water spill.

So, after a week of running around non stop at work (which I'm enjoying in a way) I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday... I'm ready for the weekend!


Kathleen said...

Yeah glad to have you back, thought you'd gone onholiday or something. Just keep dreamingof that shinny new computer your getting!

Sonya said...

Oh that's a pain about your vacant apartment back home. When did you start looking for tenants? The recession back home seems pretty bleak.... good time to out of the country I reckon !!