Thursday, 3 July 2008

Oh Yeah!!!

I'm on such a high after climbing this evening! For anybody who's been climbing for any period of time what I did is no big thing but I'm sure nonetheless they'll remember that wonderful feeling when they did their first single colour climb... two of them. So tonight I climbed a grade 13 and a grade 14. And Amanda persuaded me to try this seriously hard looking climb - it's actually the wall overhangs, ledges, straight vertical, that makes this particular climb difficult. First attempt I get as far as the overhang (horizontal, no sloping here) and I just couldn't reach over. We did some other climbs and then she persuaded me to try again. This I thought was a total waste of time as this climb requires alot of strength in upper body (or at least alot more than i have) but I gave it a go and actually got further. I got over the horizontal overhang and carried on up to the ledge. And then I fell. But I feel so thrilled with tonight. Yup there were toe/foot cramps like last week but fewer and I just have to keep relaxing and try to avoid the really small footholds where I need to put all my body weight to move on until my feet are stronger. V pleased :)


Kathleen said...

been slacking of reading for a couple of days due to the holiday weekend! Good for you, not sure i have the upper body strength for climbing.

eefa said...

Hope you had a good holiday weekend? The odd party/BBQ or two maybe?? Trust me, I'm not known for my upper body strength either - hence the reason why my arms were a little on the tender side over the weekend :) But actually leg and core strength play a bit part in climbing; upper body strength needed but not the main thing at all.. trust me!