Sunday, 24 August 2008

Guess it had to happen

I went climbing last Thurs with Amanda. It turns out that what with me canceling a few weeks back after no sleep the night before and Amanda having to cancel the following after hurting her feet, it had been almost 3 weeks since we'd climbed. And my God did it show! The place was very busy so my warm up climb was on my challenge wall; admittedly I did get further than I've got before but it totally took it out out of my arms! From my elbows to tips of my fingers I felt like every little bit of strength which had been there (and that wasn't much to begin with :) ) had been sapped on that climb. For my second climb I got about 80% of the way up and couldn't get any further. I tried three times falling on each attempt so gave up at that point. For my third climb I started on that grade 15 I managed for the first time on my previous climb. I didn't get very far... on either attempt. So last Thursday I didn't manage to complete a single climb!!! Here's hoping I'm more successful next Thursday :)

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