Thursday, 28 August 2008

It's looking good!

I did a good climb this evening and I'm happy :) It was one of those days where I didn't even know if I'd go as I hadn't been feeling the best but I reckoned I could do at least one climb and if nothing else I was fine for belaying for Amanda. My warm up climb was not good; ended up on the easy climb that i haven't done for ages and well I got nervous! I didn't quite know where to go or how to do the climb. It was awful! For my next climb I did that yellow grade 15 that I've only managed once before and I got it. It was hard but I got there so I felt much better when I got down. And the big news is that I completed my challenge wall this evening. For weeks and weeks I've been getting closer and closer and today I managed it. At one point my hand was about half a foot away from ceiling beam but I just couldn't reach it. I nearly cried 'cos I realised i was just going to have to get higher to touch it... but managed it in the end. So all good.

Planning to go tramping this weekend with Amanda and for my first weekend away in months the forecast is *not* rain. There's definitely a spring feeling in the air this week... it's all good :)

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