Monday, 11 August 2008

A Lazy Saturday...

So while the weekend started over somewhat, (read very) cold, I had a wonderful and much needed, lazy Saturday. There was a very slow start as it was bitterly cold outside and I wasn't getting out of bed until the surrounding air temperature was well past the 10 degrees that it was when I woke up!

So, a number of hours later it was up and out to brunch/lunch and some gentle browsing around town before we get the cable car up to the Botanic Gardens. Because, even though it was bitterly cold (and I was well cold) it was a lovely sunny day (at least when we headed up to gardens). At the top there was a lovely view out over the city.

After taking a few pics we wandered in to the Cable Car museum; I thought that this was going to be a quick 10 min wander around but I reckon we spent a good half hour in there! V interesting actually! They had a wonderful 100 year old cable car that you're able to not only touch but actually get in to. Brilliant :)

The aim after that had been to go for a stroll through the gardens but it was so so cold and then it started to rain so we ended up heading back to a warm flat where (in fairness about 4pm by this stage) where I spent the next few hours lazing stretched out on the couch inside a winter down feather sleeping with heat on full blast... and reading Dracula. Rest of the evening was well chilled will some wine, Indian take away and one of those Bourne movies (the second one) which I hadn't actually seen before... and really quite enjoyed :)

As this is possibly one of the coldest weekends I've experienced here, it was definitely a double duvet night!

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Kathleen said...

cool cable car. don't worry it will be warm soon as it's starting to cool down here ..