Sunday, 10 August 2008

Make it stop...

At the end of a relatively intense and very busy week at work I reckoned that the best way to start trying to wind down for the weekend would be to go see a silly movie, and I felt that Mamma Mia might just be the one that could achieve that.

I listen to Mark Kermode's weekly movie review podcast and I couldn't wait to hear his review of this film a while back. Needless to say he pointed out how badly directed it is, plot is non existent (my words not his), how Pierce Brosnan can't sing and Colin Firth can't dance. However, what sold this film for me was the fact that it is apparently so bad it's brilliant! So, on Fri evening we pottered along to the Penthouse to watch this. I was relatively sure that I'd end up enjoying it but I did have some concern for my movie viewing companion. So the film starts and the initial reunion scenes are excrutiatingly bad. I mean awful. Horrendous. But you know, some of the songs are amusing and after a while I'm starting to enjoy it. Then, during the song, Dancing Queen when Meryl Streep is dancing/singing across island and all the women drop their burdens and join in, I quietly hear the words "make it stop" whispered beside me. And what was my sympathetic response to this? I just started laughing uncontrollably! I tried once or twice to say something kindly to try to soothe battered ears but I couldn't get words out as I couldn't stop laughing. By the end of the scene I had tears rolling down my face!

Anyway, for anybody thinking of going to see this film, DO IT! It is truely awful and as a result very funny. It's the three blokes who make the film for me though... can't say I thought that any of the women seemed to relax in to their roles... or maybe it's just that the dialogue they had was so awful I don't know. But I highly recommend going to see Mamma Mia.


Kathleen said...

glad you licked it hoping to go and see it soon too

Sonya said...

Yea .. Mama Mia is not really a movie for the straight men in your life !! Its soooo camp, corny, cheesy .. but its not about the story, or the acting... its only about the ABBA songs !! Went with a gang of girls after a tough week in the office .. and it was just the tonic (no thinking required .. and actually the less you think .. the better!!!)