Sunday, 17 August 2008

We could always walk...

Yesterday was a lovely day with lots of sunshine and a nice little bite in the air. We were planning on going to see 4 - Vivaldi Four Seasons at 3:30pm in the Penthouse in Brooklyn. I'm thinking that I'd love to get a bit of a walk in at some that day. About 1:30 it's suggested that we could maybe walk up to the cinema. My initial reaction something along the lines of, "Oh, right, isn't that quite a long walk?" I'm informed that it's probably 30-40 mins which I have no problem with but I'm reckoning it's actually closer to an hour. So after a bit of toing and froing we check timing for the walk on google. This indicates walk is about 32 minutes so I'm cool with that.

So, we head off at 2 to allow time for some food in the Cafe there. Before long I'm down to a t-shirt as the sun was so lovely. And turns out that I'm so so wrong with the timing... we were at the cinema within 25 minutes! So that left lots of time for our lunch. During lunch there's a bit of a joke made about "imagine if all the tickets were sold out when we went to buy ours". Ha ha, like that's going to happen with a 3:30pm showing of a non-mainstream movie. As we have some time to spare we fill it by eating some seriously rich chocolate brownie and then we head out to counter to buy our tickets. Unbelievably there are only four seats left... for the front row!! I hesitate as I really don't want to sit in the front row and while that's happening some guy goes up and buys three tickets. So, there you go, you never can tell what'll sell out, can you?!

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