Sunday, 24 August 2008

You learn something new every day!

Okay, so I don't know if this is literally true but it certainly was true yesterday. What we learnt yesterday (actually we learnt a few things!) is that when your 4WD gets bogged down in sand and decides it ain't going anywhere, then letting the air out of your tyres should be enough to allow you get back in to car and drive it back to solid ground! Seriously! {well obviously a little digging of sand away from wheels helps too}

Yesterday we headed out to Owhiro Bay and did a little 4 wheel driving. On the way back there were a fair few pedestrians so we drove down on to sand (well there were plenty of other tyre marks there indicating other cars had done the same) and at one point I thought we were going to get stuck but then we started to make progress but unfortunatley not for long. Within a few minutes you could rev the engine all you wanted but the car sure as hell wasn't going anywhere! We got out of the car and I have to admit I was surprised to see how bogged down in the sand we were. We started to walk back in the hope of getting help. My biggest concern was that the car was only about 3 metres away from the water so we didn't really have much time. But totally no need to fret as as we stopped a red 4wd to ask them if they could help and it was this guy who came out with the tip about letting the air out of the tyres. We started to walk back to car and before I knew it this complete stranger was down helping us. Then I realised that other guys were walking towards us with tow ropes. There was no "hi, what's up?" (well that bit was obvious actually) or even asking if they could help, nope they just started hooking up the tow rope to tow us out. But we got air out of tyres first and then red jeep stranger jumps in and drives the Bighorn back up to hard ground. The other two take off their tow rope, jump in to their jeep and drive off... as does our helper. I couldn't get over how, within half an hour of us being stranded we were back on solid ground all thanks to three complete strangers who start helping us without actually being asked.

So there we were, safe from the water. With 4 flat tyres. Luckily there was a bicycle pump in back of jeep so, eh, well, that's how we got enough air back in the tyres to allow us to drive out and off to a service station. Certainly made for an interesting afternoon... the glass of wine with yummy mushroom gnocci in The Lido was much needed by time we got back to Wellington :)

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Kathleen said...

Having done some 4WD i did know about this only because we were in a similar situation on a road in MAOB! FYI love Gnicci, my favourite italian dish!