Thursday, 25 September 2008

Look what I won... and other ramblings!

So a few days back Kathleen awarded me the following:


This is a Portugeuse aware meaning "This blog invests and believes in proximity". Kathleen and myself went to uni together in Scotland (she's Scottish and I ain't and neither of us currently live in Scotland). We didn't keep in touch much after we graduated but somehow or other (I'm not sure how) we got in touch a few years after I'd left. We exchanged maybe one or two emails a year and a Christmas card. But since I've discovered Kathleen's blog I've been able to use that to keep in touch much more as we now actively comment on each others activities and I get to hear about her husband Dave who we were both at uni with and the two kids. It's great :) I'll pass this aware on a little bit but I'm going to hang on to it for a week or two :)

I'm afraid I've been bad at keeping up to date recently; just haven't had the inclination I'm afraid. I had a superbly relaxing lazy weekend though not much in the way of photography (light wasn't great). Rewatched Sense & Sensibility on Mon evening and while nothing will ever beat P&P in my eyes, I do enjoy this movie a little bit more each time that I watch it :)

On Tues evening it was lovely and mild so I decided to drop some CDs and DVD back to the library (short walk) but took my camera with me. 1 hr and 50 photos later I got home! Taking photos at night is hard... I need to practice!

I was climbing this evening - it never ceases to fascinate me that my warm up climb scares me the most. I always forget this but then am really quite nervous when I'm doing it. I reclimbed that "challenge" wall that you were getting weekly updates on a while back. It's the first time I've done it since I managed to complete and I didn't expect to complete it tonight... I nearly gave up at one point but decided to give it one more try and no hassle so pleased that I did. There's a wall I've been trying the last few weeks and I keep getting stuck on the same point... maybe I'll do better next week...

Work wise things are interesting if that's the word to use. I'll be taking on a new role in a few weeks (very different to what I've been doing - more varied, more autonomy, more responsibility etc etc etc) and have started attending a few meetings related to this. In some ways I'm looking forward to it and in others I'm worried... But I wanted to push myself and this is the perfect opportunity!!

Heading to Citron for dinner on Sat... really looking forward to this! We'll be having the 9 course degustation menu and when I was on the phone explaining that I was vegetarian I was blown away by their helpfulness... how do I feel about gelatine (ugh), free range -v- normal eggs, animal -v- plant rennet in cheeses... really fantastic. So stay tuned for the review :)

And on that merry little note I'm going to go get some food... getting peckish :)

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