Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Weekend bits and pieces...

Quick note to say hello again. All good here... spring is really trying to show it's face though yesterday and today I'm afraid that it got lost somewhere along the way. Definitely a little cold today and the October and November wind is starting to show it's face.

Saturday evening we went to Citron for what I can only describe as a wonderful meal. We arrived at 8pm and finished at 11:45pm... well I didn't know, I've never had a degustation menu before! It was by far one of the best meals (in a restaurant) I've had in a long long time and definitely the best since I got to NZ. I think what I was so impressed with was that out of all the courses I only got fish in one (so they didn't take the easy option), I got vegetarian cheese and I really felt that they had put as much effort and thought in to my courses as they had for a meat eaters. And not only that but my courses were not totally distinct from Dave's - they would share a sauce or idea. This place is not what you'd call cheap and cheerful but I'd have no hesitation in recommending Citron to anybody wanting something a little special. Wonderful :)

Saturday afternoon (why write in chronological order I ask you?) we visited the Botanic Gardens to see the tulips that I'd heard a number of people asking about. There were thousands of them about but I think what I really enjoyed was that we ended up just wandering photographing trees, wild flowers, and lots of other beautiful plants.

212 photos later I was feeling pretty tired.. and windswept :)
Feeling a little windswept...

Oh, we went to see Wall-E last night... it's a wonderfully cute and amusing, and sometimes sad movie. Clever (watch out for the "is it a fork or a spoon" bit), funny, and definitely moving. If you haven't seen it go see it!!! It's great :)

Okay that's it. Oh feeling very pleased as I had 56 views of my flickr photostream on the 28th.. and I've had two photos added as favourites in the last fortnight. As I've said plenty of times before, it's the little things in life...

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