Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Today in a meeting, one of the project managers that I am working with referred to me as "Ether". Not once, not twice, but every time that he mentioned my "name". Trust me, I fully understand the difficulty that the name "Aoife" can provide to anybody outside of Ireland, and I have indeed been called many things in my time but can somebody please please please explain to me how "Aoife" could possibly be pronounced "Ether"??

In this manager's defence I should add that this is not the first time that this has happened... at my Uni graduation uni ball I was informed that in first year my nickname was Gassie as a number of my friends thought that my name was "Ether" and not "Aoife". They at least realised before the first few months were up that this was not the case but I've been on site here for 14 months!

I'm not annoyed, I'm actually amused... and confused!

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