Thursday, 9 October 2008

Running out of Patience...

I honestly do not know how much more I can take of this "green" wall. Tonight was my fourth week attempting this and I'm tired of getting stuck at the same point every week. I think I could deal with this if I was getting a bit further on each attempt but getting stuck at the same point... well, trust me when I say that I was not "being too hard on myself" (Spencer's words not mine). I'm tired of this and it seems to me that I need a lesson on technical climbing if there's such a thing. I intend to speak to the people in Fergs and see if anybody there can help me with some technical moves that I don't have but need! Of course it could just be that it's a nerve/arm strength/leg strength thing too but at some point I'm going to need the technical stuff too... I ain't good with using the wall unless it's obvious bit of rock (1 inch) jut/ledge to use.

Last weekend I finally finished John Irving's "Until I Find You"... if you haven't read then my suggestion would be go, "read it". It's fantastic. It's a long novel (close to 1000 pages) but it's so well written with fantastic characters that I loved it from start (literally) to end! I started reading "The Italian Woman" by Iris Murdoch after that which I have to admit I'm finding much more readable than I expected! But I decided the other evening as it's such a lovely light thin book I should keep it for our tramp this weekend. We're going to walk up to Waitewaiwai (Y-te-Y-Y) Hut from Otaki Forks on Saturday and back out on Sunday... apparently about a 6 hrs walk. Well I need the exercise (hence finally buying some running shoes this weekend)!!

As for the runnng shoes... I feel I can trying something a little more than climbing, tramping and pilates. My aim is to do the Corporate Challenge 5km run on the 12th November. As I've never actually done any serious running (Bray to Greystones once does not count!) I don't really expect to be able to run the whole thing (but I'm still aiming for that) but sure I have no doubt that I could easily walk that bit that I can't run.

Enough waffle so that's it for now...

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