Friday, 17 October 2008

Thinking positively...

I'm trying to do this honest. It's Friday evening and at 9am tomorrow I am due to be on a bus to Eastbourne where I will start on a day hike with some folk from the club (Medium, not Easy grade!). I suspect it'll be relatively long but hopefully I'll manage that fine as I'll only be carrying a day pack rather than a full pack. The downside is the weather... spring may be here but every now and then it sort of forgets. Tomorrow's weather (and the forecast for this hasn't changed since about Weds and current temperature implying this will indeed be the case) is for rain and a cold southerly with a high of 12 degrees. Oh dear is all I can think. I'm having images of being cold and wet and well, cold and wet. So I suspect that my pack may not be all that light after all as I carry lots of clothing! Don't hold your breath on the photos front either... I don't even intend on bringing my camera!

Speaking of photography I started my photography course on Weds evening. I really enjoyed and while my brain did go in to frazzle mode every now and then (might explain why I'm so exhausted today... still recovering) I'm looking forward to the next class!

Anyway, I've finished off the week nicely. Last night after climbing we went to Maria Pia's in Thorndon for dinner. Maria Pia's is a wonderful Italian restaurant with a fantastic amibance and wonderful home made pasta. Oddly I don't always love my food there but I always love the meal and whole dining experience there and the pasta itself is always superb. And the wine was pretty tasty too :)

This evening after work I met a friend in Old St. Pauls for some Fri evening jazz. I'm not a jazz afficionado but I really enjoyed it. And it was wonderful to see a female jazz pianist - not sure that happens too often. It's a wonderful building (historic) and I definitely want to head back there (there being about 5 mins up the road from me) with the camera.

And that's about it as I'm actually feeling pretty tired tonight.

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