Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tum te tum

Climbing tonight. No foot cramps. I did pretty good. I got past that point on that wall - the green wall (see this post). I was well pleased. But what pleased me even more was that I not only got past that point but I made it to the top :-) It was hard; not one of those walls where there's just one difficult part and once you're past that it's a breeze, oh no, but I was half way there and if I could get past that point I was so going to get to the top. Feeling smugly pleased and happy with myself!

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Kathleen said...

hey glad the climbing is going well. sorry i have been slacking on my blog just been a long couple of weeks. Lots going on but nothing of muchinterest if you know what i mean. We too have massive amounts of christmas things for sale its frightening.