Thursday, 6 November 2008

A drink and food...

Been a very busy and somewhat stressful week. By last night I was exhausted by the time that I got back from my last camera class but at least I did get a good kip last night.

Today was busy like other days but after work it was out for a cocktail and some food at C3 in Chews Lane in Wellington. It's not somewhere I've been before but when I've walked past I can't say I've ever been thinking "I must go in there sometime". Just looks like one of those high ceilinged noisy places where the "good looking" people go. But we had a table to ourselves in the back upstairs, the food wasn't bad (well I only had a starter), the cocktail was different (Passion Fruit Cosmopolitan: a little on the boozy side for me but I did of course finish it) and the craic was great. Definitely lots of laughing and ughs and eeks during the course of the evening... A very enjoyable and fun evening :)

(There were more of us there than above but photos didn't turn out the best.. as can be seen by this one. Oh, and I'm only in one so reckoned if I was going to put one up it should be one containing a person people might recognize :) )

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