Sunday, 2 November 2008

From a cold wet gloomy Sat to a glorious Sunday...

that's been this weekend. Karen arrived up on Friday evening so after getting back from airport we went for a chilled walk along the sea front and then back here for some dinner... followed by some yummy banana cake :)

On Saturday morning I had my photography course field trip down in Civic Sq. This area is chosen as it's close to the water front, there's the library and there's normally loads of folk milling about. Not yesterday morning; it was wet, cold, windy (very) and generally gloomy! I took some photos, spent quite a while (about 15 photos worth) trying to figure out why all my photos were soooo blurry. I mean I knew it was windy but I wasn't shaking that much. Finally after much shaking of my hand I realised the problem - I had forgotten to switch back from manual focus to automatic!

The day was so so rotten that when I got back home we didn't venture out again until close to 7 when we headed off to the Matterhorn to meet Dave and to have some pre-dinner cocktails before heading to Le Metropolitain for a fairly tasty dinner! Later we ended up in Havana for a drink (not a direct route getting there but get there we did) and some music. We didn't stay long (that's probably down to me... I'm not a late night owl unfortunately) but it's a great little place with some cool music and some *very* interesting and eclectic outfits being worn by the patrons!

Today (Sunday) was just beautiful out! We met Dave for breakfast and then headed out to Makara Beach after a tasty brekkie in the Aro Cafe (who used to make the best Hollandaise Sauce in Wellington but took it off their menu!!!). It was just beautiful out there; wonderful blue sea, the Sth Island in the distance, lots of dogs, a mild breeze. So relaxing and nice and warm with it :)

This afternoon we introduced Karen to Moore Wilsons. Moore Wilsons is amazing - a huge kitchen ware department, lots of wines downstairs, a lovely fresh food section with lovely cheeses. It's a dangerous place for me, and I think others to go and a little while later we left with our respective purchases of kitchen bits and pieces, cheeses, wines, salads to name a few. After seeing Karen off on the airport bus I had a run down the very crowded waterfront and am now back here writing this! A great day and lovely weekend (even with the weather!)

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Kathleen said...

beautiful picture, sadly to say here the leaves have all fallen and winter is fast approaching!