Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A leisurely Sunday

Last Sunday we had a wonderfully leisurely day which was needed by both of us though probably for different reasons! Dave had valid reason in that he had been involved in a 12 hr mountain bike team event the day before... I had been supporting :)

Kiwis really do these things properly... there were some serious tents set up with tables, chairs and BBQs. We weren't too bad either (thanks Ian!) with tent, 2 chairs and heater (which I needed later on in evening). Some of the teams take the event very seriously whereas others... well they're just doing it for fun (though having said that a 12 hr event is a 12 hr event!).

So, on Sunday lazy morning with a tasty brunch before heading out to go for a short walk along the Rimutaka Incline Trail. The sun, when I was in it, was lovely :) Not sure how far we got (probably not very) as there was lots of stopping to take photos... have I mentioned that I love my new camera??

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