Monday, 24 November 2008

Some holidays snaps

Sth Island was great. Don't even know where to start.
Visited Picton (dodgy motel - I slept on floor),
Christchurch (stayed with some friends),

the totally breathtaking Lake Tekapo,

Mt Cook National Park (2nd visit there and I still haven't seen Mt Cook - the mist at back of photo is Mt Cook),

Arthur's Pass (cold but so so beautiful),


Cape Foulwind (I love the irony of me staying in a place called that!) where we had beautiful meal and great time in local bar,

Motueka (beautiful bird sanctuary near beach),

Takaka (I LOVE the Wholemeal Cafe), Farewell Spit (stunning) and Pohara where we spent 2 nights in the wonderful Sans Souci Inn. Oh and photo is of when three grown men spent nearly 20 mins trying to get one tiny little bird out of the hut :)

And that'll have to do for the moment as there's no way I can blog everything that I saw and/or did. I have many many more photos (like nearly another 370) some of which will make it up on to flickr at some point :)
Oh my favourite new phrase from the holiday was "meadow muffins" to refer to sheep (or other) dung in fields :)
Oh and I realised this morning that I have one too many silver/grey hairs in my head. It would seem that age is catching up with my head.. maybe time for visit to hair colourist soon.

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Kathleen said...

beutiful pictures, looks like a great trip. My Dad just loves going there i recognise some of the names!