Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's winter!

Well, it was a long but relatively hassle free journey back to Ireland... we left Wellington at 10am Sat morning (kiwi time) and I arrived at my parents house here in Dublin at about 11am Sunday (Irish time, so that would be midnight Sun night kiwi time). The first leg seemed longer than the second even though it was actually the other way around. I guess that was down to being awake for the whole of the first leg and being in economy for that leg and business class for the second leg. I'm not sure what I got fed on the first leg; the first meal was definitely some of pasta thing, maybe a wholemeal pumpkin ravioli or something (with small bit of dodgy loooking sauce) but the second meal? Haven' a clue. Possibly some sort of potato thing with porridge oats on top and rather alot of glutinous sauce around it. I wasn't even going to taste the brightly orange coloured dessert!

Was seriously tired by the time we got to KL... we wandered around airport for a bit - I just followed Dave and that way no brain effort was required before heading the shower to the lounge and freshening up. I did best to sleep/rest for the second leg which is possibly why that leg seemed quicker.

We were in Schipoll airport (Amsterdam) by 6am (Dutch time) this morning. I'm so used to flying through Frankfurt (boring!!!) that even though I know that Amsterdam is more interesting airport I still didn't expect anything to be open but by the time that we'd collected our luggage and checked in for the last leg everything was open. It was great; had yummy pastry but less than excellent coffee. Yes, as soon as we were ordering I realised that I would just have to make the mental adjustment to the fact that I will not get another decent coffee until I land at Auckland airport on the 6th Jan. And I'll need to be back in Wellington before I get the really good stuff :) Did you know that the Rijks Museum have a small exhibition on at the airport? and that it opens at 7am? It was a great way to pass 15 or 20 minutes and just so different to the normal airport experience!

So my aim for today is to try to stay awake until 9:30pm tonight... I won't give you the odds on that!

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