Friday, 26 December 2008

Pre Christmas Shopping

On Tuesday I headed in to town with the purpose of, in no particular order, finishing off some shopping, experiencing Christmas feeling/atmosphere in town, buying some cheese from Sheridans, meeting up with Dave, saying hi to some friends in the Dublin office, and then meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner.

I arrived in at 1 and within an hour I was wondering if I really had the energy for this! I had had a great day, awakeness wise on Monday, but I certainly wasn't on Tuesday! After a quick bite to eat there was that panicky feeling building up in my stomach as I wandered the shops thinking "Oh God, what am I going to get Mum??!!!" However with arrangements to meet folk at 3pm I was forced to just make a decision on present, which was a good thing as otherwise I could have spent the rest of the afternoon dithering over it!

I wandered past Sheridans a couple of times and each time there was a queue inside tiny shop with about another 10 people queueing outside just to get in! The woman at the head of the queue on one of those occasions was not looking happy. I decided that I did not want to be her so I just kept on walking both times :)

It was actually nearly 5pm by the time that I got in to the office so while I saw some people it was only briefly and I had missed others as they had already left for the pub (I did end up in a pub but not everybody went to the same pub). Walking down/up Baggot St on the way to the office definitely felt a little weird but it did make realise that when I do work in Dublin I just love working in that part of town!

I met up with Maria and Veronica later and we headed to Carluccios Cafe for dinner. Interesting place... it was totally mobbed but we were only waiting 5 mins for a table. During that time we were told, somewhat abruptly (could have been interpreted as rudely), to move away from counter as we were blocking it. This resulted in us blocking the passageway that the wait staff were using. Luckily we got a table pretty quickly so we weren't blocking anybody for too long :) My Penne Giarinara was gorgeous though I couldn't eat it all. Desserts were definitely disappointing (at least mine was!) but that was okay as I guess I was pretty full anyway!

And then after all that I headed home as I was wrecked! It was lovely to meet up with folk again and being in town just before Christmas? Well it was very very very busy. I guess I expected this but when I told others they were surprised to hear this as apparently, with all the doom and gloom going on the lead up to Christmas has been pretty quiet this year. Well trust me, on Tuesday it was not quiet. At one point on Grafton St I could hardly move there were so many people! I look forward to heading back in maybe next week when it's, hopefully, still busy but not quite so grid locked!!

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