Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Weekend

What a weekend... I can't get over how hot it's been!
Leisurely coffee/brekkie on Sat morning. Then we headed off to On Yer Bike to hire me a mountain bike before we headed off to cycle the Rimutaka Rail Trail. This was an interesting experience for me considering that the last time that I was on a bike was in 1997! A tad wobbly at first but that didn't last for too long. I have to say that I did enjoy the feel of the wind on my arms (have I mentioned that it was hot out?) especially on the way down. I definitely prefer downhill to uphill :)

Watched a few episodes of Firefly over Fri and Sat evening. I've seen these before but I love them! If you haven't watched it then my recommendation is that you do so once you get your hands on the DVD set. Why they only made one series of it is beyond me! Witty, clever and thoroughly enjoyable to watch :)
I think that today was even hotter than yesterday! I met a friend to visit the Thorndon Fair which is an annual event. Bit disappointing for me on the present purchasing front but an enjoyable couple of hours nonetheless. The rest of the day was spent doing real Christmas shopping, browsing stores with Dave before heading off to complete shopping.

Feeling relatively relatively smug with myself having finally given the apartment a proper clean! Am now moving in a sunny warm leisurely Sun evening.

10 working days to holidays :)


Kathleen said...

Hi there, so glad you had a good weekend. So when do you leave for ireland? are you there for a long time? hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip, but i am sure you will be keen toget back to that 22 degree weather!

eefa said...

Hi there. Fly out on Sat 20th Dec and back in Ireland for a fortnight; leave there on Sun 4th Jan. Will hardly be there before leaving again but I fully expect it to be worth it :) Will be nice to get some winter weather for Christmas but yes, I'll be looking forward to getting back to my summer too :) You having any guests over Christmas or will it just be the 4 (5 if your mad dog is included) of you?

Kathleen said...

Dave's sister and her daughter, who is 3 are coming for christmas. Should be fun with 3 kids. Hope you have a great trip.