Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I'm back in NZ. Guess I got back to apartment some time after 5pm yesterday afternoon. Not really sure of the time to be honest; the bright afternoon/evening confusing after the dark afternoons/evenings back in Ireland!

Oddly enough I'm not sure how I feel about being back. It's good on the one hand but on the other it just feels weird. It's as if it's been ages since I've been here and yet it's only a little over 2 weeks. I guess I shouldn't complain as I'm fairly certain that a day in the office (possibly the reason for my lack of chirpiness about being here!) will soon set me to rights and have me feeling as if I never left. I'm just v. glad that I'm no in work today even though of course it's normally the 2nd and 3rd days which are the hardest.

The journey back reminded me that flying to NZ from Ireland is actually a more difficult journey than the other way around and I can only assume that that is to do with the flight times. The end result was that I literally felt as if my bed was calling out to me when I got home yesterday afternoon. I couldn't even let myself sit on it as I was convinced I wouldn't get up again if I did! I used House which was on at 8:30 to try and keep me awake until about 10 last night. It worked until about 9:15 at which point I fell asleep. I wouldn't mind but I wasn't even curled up on couch but rather sitting on floor with my back to the couch! Anyway woke up about 20 mins later realising I've no idea how House finished! Needless to say I went to bed after that. Still trying to figure out why, when I'm so far behind on sleep I woke up twice during the night, the second time at 4am and in the latter case, it took me well over 30 mins to get back to sleep! Just doesn't seem fair/right to me!!

Well, the sun may not be blazing away out there but it is warmer than Dublin (high teens I believe) so I'm going to go out now and enjoy some of that warmth :)

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Kathleen said...

thats my only travelling tip, always travel east! - your welcome to stop over here anytime.