Thursday, 1 January 2009

A bit of a girly giggle

This afternoon I headed in to town again to meet up with Eims and Liz for lunch at The Farm restaurant on Dawson St. I had eaten there once before when I was home in March and it was a less than a good meal, however this time the food was much better. In fact the menu was totally different as if it was a different place but having said that I know it was named The Farm in March too so I'm a bit confused to say the least.

I arrived at 1 to find the other two settling in. We started to peruse the menus but what with all the chatting it wasn't until the third time that they came over to take our order were we actually ready to give an order! I was pretty hungry by the time that the food did arrive as it must have been a good 20 mins after ordering before we saw any food.

I tried to resist dessert... honest! In fact when the waiter came over to hand out dessert menus I handed mine back. Unfortunately he wasn't back promptly enough to take the girls' orders so I had time to peruse the menu which resulted in me ordering rhubarb crumble. It wasn't bad but I guess rhubarb isn't in season at the moment and that showed in dessert.

It was 3:45pm before we got the bill... the 3 hrs, when we weren't eating, was filled with laughter discussing Mamma Mia (it's so bad it's brilliant), Liz's upcoming visit to NZ in April, cameras, Eim's cat Kamikaze (he's appropriately named I believe) to name just a few things. I'm afraid that we probably weren't the quietest people in the restaurant but hey, it was all in good fun :)

To Eims and Liz... thanks, I had a lovely lovely afternoon!


Kathleen said...

so when are you heading back to NZ, sounds like you have had a great trip.

eefa said...

Hi Kathleen, heading back to NZ this afternoon. Well London this avo, on flight to KL (and from there to Auckland and Wellington) tonight. Not a journey I'm looking forward to at all. It always seems much more fun/exciting going from NZ to Ireland!