Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dublin Check In

Ye Gads, would the powers that be please do something about Dublin Airport? Please? Pretty pretty please? What a palarva this afternoon it was getting in there. Fiona gave me a gratefully accepted lift to the airport this afternoon. We nipped out on the M50. When we came off the M50 things started to slow down. A lot of cars going in to the airport so it took a while (only about 5 mins I guess) to get in to airport entrance. It then took another 20 - 25 minutes for us to get to the departure drop off point! Things that might help reduce this delay in future are:
1) Taxi drivers not accepting fares on route up to the drop off point. News flash... car not moving does nothing to discourage build up of traffic behind static car
2) Drivers not stopping in middle of a lane while not actually at the drop off point to let people out of the car. Same news flash as above. If you wait to the actual drop off point there are plenty of places to stop.
3) Maybe the airport authorities could possibly organise things a little better so that the agony of Dublin Airport is spared those dropping passengers off. It's bad enough that passengers have to put up the pain of it, but let's spare the innocent please.

So, once inside we use the self serrvice check-in. After that it's just a case of dropping off baggage. AHA! It is just a case of that but... Fast Track? Fast it ain't! We joined a huge queue to get to a separate machine to print out luggage tag and place on belt. There are maybe 2 airline staff wandering about to help. With a couple of hundred people in the hall this is not sufficient. So, once we reached the front of the queue Dave goes through the process of this first. He gets to end and then machine says there's a problem with the luggage belt so he should speak to member of airline staff. He heads off to do this and I go through the same process. The only problem that I have is that I can't figure out how to get label off the sticky part of tag so I can stick the damn thing together but I manage. This time the belt works fine and in the meantime Dave has had his luggage checked in.

Amusingly, while we were in the queue I hear someone (continental accent) ask an airline staff member if this is the fast track queue. The answer is yes. The response is "but it's not fast!" Definitely brought a smile to my face that did! Anyway, in summary, maybe it's just me but I thought the whole self service thing was meant to speed up the check in process? Seems to me that all that's been achieved is that the check in queue has been replaced by the "baggage drop" queue.

However, at the end of all that there were no flight delays, we made it to London with plenty of time for a snack, some shopping (great bargains in Reiss here!) and time to write this :) I suspect that next blog entry will be from NZ... don't see myself being in any state to write anything from KL :)

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