Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Random jottings

I realised earlier I haven't posted in about a week. Nothing overly exciting occurring which is probably part of the reason. Yesterday afternoon we were back a week; now it seems like an age since I was home! In fact last Tues afternoon when I walked back in the door here seems like something in the far distant past. It's odd.

Work has been busy but I've been trying to keep it under control. Today is probably the first day that I've left with tasks still on my to do list for the day but I was tired. I've started going in 30 mins earlier with the aim of getting out 30 mins earlier in the evening. Yesterday and today not been great examples of this working in practice but I'll try.

It wasn't particularly summery last weekend unfortunately this week has been lovely (I believe there's a bit of rain forecast for the weekend again!). I love going for a walk or something in the evenings after work and just enjoying the feel of the sun on me. Oriental Parade is lovely in the evenings with lots of folk out running, roller blading, swimming or just hanging out reading.

Oriental Parade

This evening I headed up to the Botanical Gardens - a bit of uphill work. The ABS summer concert series has started up; loads of folk there at 6 when I went past and concerts don't start until 8! We'll need to get along to one or two of those.

There's a long weekend coming up (Wellington Day on Monday). Not going away; sure just back from hols but hopefully we'll get a day walk in somewhere. I'm climbing tomorrow evening; nervous. It's been quite a while so wish me luck.

And well, guess that's it. For the Irish readers, one of the positive things about being here is that the media are not totally obsessed with the recession. They actually talk about other stuff... the morning news has a "surf watch" report (may not be a regularly slot but..) I love it :) Oh yes, and it's summer and yet not constantly raining. Such a bonus!

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Kathleen said...

Looks beautiful and warm, Glad you are settling back into things.