Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Winter Sun and Water

Over the last couple of days I've noticed some lovely reflections of the winter sun on still water.

Yesterday I headed down to Birr in Offaly (or Awfully as my much teased younger sister referred to it; just the once mind you!) for the day. It was a very cold day but it was nice and bright out. In the morning we had a lovely walk around the gardens of Birr Castle Demesne. The grounds are beautiful even in winter so I definitely need to see them again in Spring or Summer (do we get summer in Ireland anymore??). I even crossed the border in to Tipperary on that walk! Had a great look at the great 72 inch reflecting telescope in the grounds which was designed and constructed in the 1840's. It's amazing and what I hadn't realised is, that at one time it was the best telescope in the world! Unfortunately I hadn't brought my camera with me so no piccies to show.

After a tasty lunch we headed out to Victoria Lock for a walk. Unfortunately it was closed off as the lock is being dredged. Having said that it was definitely still worth the drive out there as the afternoon winter sun reflecting off the water further out from the lock was beautiful! Needless to say I felt a little put out with myself for not having brought my camera but I borrowed Dave's to take a few. Once I've got the photos off it I'll update this entry with one of them (assuming they turn out okay!!)

By Victoria Lock

This morning I headed down to the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire to meet up with a friend who I hadn't seen yet since my return back. Again it was lovely to meet up and this time I brought my camera along. There was beautiful light in the harbour though I did have to restrain myself form taking too many photos as there were only the two of us; 'twouldn't have been fair. Anyway I think I managed to get one or two that I like.
Reflecting Water

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