Friday, 27 March 2009

My "Most Viewed' Flickr Stats

It's getting close. For a long time Maggie and Fergus were way ahead of all my other flickr photos but the Herb Garden has been really going for it the last while. It has just got past Flinders Ranges and is now only 3 views behind the pups.

Flinders Ranges

Looking at my flickr stats it's almost always viewed as a result of a search for "herb garden" on I like watching this race :)

Herb Garden

By the way, can anybody explain how flickr order photos based on "Interestingness" 'cos I've now idea how they do it!


Kathleen said...

not sure how they decide these things really but it is a fantastic photo of the herb garden. You're getting really good at this

eefa said...

Thanks Kathleen! Bizarrely I never got notified that this comment had been sent so it was only when I logged in to my blogger account (I normally post using MarsEdit) that I saw that I had a comment waiting moderation. Apologies for the 2 month delay in publishing :)