Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Lazy Tuesday

After 3 days of tramping and then on the 4th a 90 min walk to the road end and then a 4.5 hr drive to Picton, today was wonderfully quiet. I had arranged in advance to take today off and I'm so glad that I did. It was gone 11pm before I got back last night. I didn't manage to sleep quite as late as I would have liked this morning but that didn't matter too much.

So, what did I do on my day off? I made myself some breakfast in bed and finally got up about 10am (admittedly I already had done two laundry washes by this stage!) Did a bit of grocery shopping before getting back to get my photos off the camera. Come 1pm I headed off my massage. That massage was just wonderful. I had looked for a 90 min slot but I guess I was doing well to get 60 mins considering I only phoned them this morning! This was followed by a 90 min doze on the living room floor (yes I doze on my living room floor!). I was feeling pretty wrecked actually when I made myself start moving about pretty relaxed at the same time.

After the "success" of my Tararua biscuits for tramp breakfasts I decided to make some Apricot Slices from my Wholemeal Cafe Cookbook which I bought in Takaka last November. I tried hard (honest!) to not eat any but I was unable to resist. So I guess I'll treat it as my starter and dessert for dinner this evening :)

I did manage to get some photos up on to flickr but plenty more to go!

And the rest of the evening is fairly lazy. Watched some West Wing, eat some tasty dinner and House followed by Boston Legal later on!

So, all in all a lazy, relaxing and much needed "do nothing" day!

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