Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunny Sundays

The winter temperatures are definitely starting to do their best to let us know that before long they'll be here in full force. Last week was cold as was yesterday. But in wonderful New Zealand style, when the sun is out it feels about 5 degrees warmer than it actually is. This is one of the weirdest things about New Zealand weather; the air temperature is cold and you have 3 layers on. You move two feet to the left and end up in the sun, air temp still cold but the warmth of the sun is that one, if not two of your three layers get removed while you're in the sun.

Anyway it was a beatufiully sunny weekend here and I'm at the early evening stage of a very pleasant Sunday (it feels about 2 hrs later than it actually is mind you!) I met up with the four other girls who had been on the Easter tramp for brunch in Fidels. It was chilly out but the sun was beaming down and I sat for 2.5 hrs with just one top on... it was lovely! Considering that we met at 10:30 and didn't leave until 1 you may have gathered that it was a very enjoyable (and funny) brunch. We all ordered at different times and yet I ended up being the only person who didn't order pancakes?! I'm sure they it was a sympathy "your eggs look nice Aoife" that I was getting :) Much talk about living in NZ (not one of us was Kiwi), fainting (I had no idea there could be such funny fainting stories!), tramping and what Nicky had to drink the night before. It ended up at 1 with us planning to meet next Thurs evening for dinner and we all bring whatever tramping/day walks books that we have so we can organise an outing.

After that I strolled home in the glorious sun, did some housework, got changed and headed back to the Ilot Theatre for a wonderful 2 hrs of Baroque music performed by Latitude 37. A wonderful combination of Buxtehude, Marais, Telleman, Ramaeau, Leclair, Becker, Corelli and Couperin. On the program was the wonderful Le Badinage by Marin Marais for the Viola de Gamba; this to me has got to be one of the most beautiful/melancholic pieces of music written. If you've watched Tous Les Matins Du Monde then you'll have heard this music.

A bite to eat at The Lido after that and now I'm back home for the evening feeling like it's about 8:30 out there. It isn't. It's 6:40! Well guess I better get on with that ironing that I've successfully avoided for the last week. After that I can eat my tasty looking of carrot cake :)

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