Thursday, 9 July 2009

Will I Blog when in Ireland?

I met an English but living in Kiwiland friend for lunch today. We were discussing my return back to Ireland in August and she asked if I would keep up my blog once home. It made me think... when I started this it was purely my trip to New Zealand. And I've certainly posted less and less as time goes on so I reckoned I wouldn't. But she'd like me to so I will... and it's so I can give Dani and idea of what it's like settling back in to life in Ireland after being away for two years. I can't promise that I'll be any more regular than I am now... in fact I suspect I'll be worse but I'll certainly try. For a few months at least :)


Kathleen said...

you better! I know i have been a slacker for reading recently but i am back on board, you might need a new name though??!!

eefa said...

Oh yes you're right! The name certainly wouldn't make sense if I'm blogging when back living in Bray :)