Monday, 23 November 2009

Good Things and Bad Things

I don't even know where to start. The last thing anybody really wants is a minute by minute update of the last 2 months so I'll try to avoid that.

I'm sort of readjusting to life back here. In one way it feels like I was never away and in the other my life in Wellington is still very much part of me. Firstly, the former point is so so wrong! I lived in Wellington for 2 years so it should not feel like an age ago since I was there. It's sort of a pity. However, I think it would be horrible if life here didn't start to just feel normal. Work is still somewhat different to what so that's not a case of feeling like I was never away.

Some of the things that I'm not too keen on about being back are:

*) It rains. A lot. I'm getting tired of it. And the grey.

*) I live a long way from work. My 5 min walk to work has become a 70 min walk/train journey :(

*) Good Coffee... or the lack thereof

*) Not being able to justify buy good Kiwi Pinots... they're just too pricey here.

*) Kitchen tiles falling off wall (?!)

Some of the things I really like about being back are:

*) Family (obviously!) and finally meeting my nephew

*) Catching up with friends again :)

*) Being so close to Europe - had a 3 day weekend in Budapest at the start of this month. Beautiful city!
From Buda to Pest

*) Christmas lights... in the dark! I'm sorry guys, but I just never could get my head around Christmas lights, in the evening, when it was still bright outside!

*) A repainted apartment


Anonymous said...

So nice to see you again. IMHO all your bad things are more than cancelled out by being able to have short trips anywhere so easily.
I miss you.
Can't cope with this anonymoous bit I'm Holmesfan

Kathleen said...

Yeah you are back, missed you. Wow your nephew got so big, it must be great to be able to spend time with him. Hoep this means more posts again soon