Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Days Off

As I made my coffee this morning I was just thinking how delicious it is to have a random day off work slap bang in the middle of the week! During the course of the year I always make sure to keep enough days to give me a decent week or two off out of the office over Christmas. This year we have to take 5 days unpaid leave instead and all holidays need to be used up. Had it not been for little Matthew's Christening in August I'd have easily used them up before leaving NZ but as it is I couldn't. Since getting back I've been taking random days here and there (I arrived back in Ireland in August with 9 days still to use!). At the start of this week I still had 2.5 days to use between then and Dec 22nd (when office closes). So I left at midday yesterday and am taking today off too. It's great :)

After leaving the office yesterday I did a little more Christmas shopping before heading in to Steps of Rome for a slice of pizza for lunch. It was good but the base was a bit weird... not quite up to standards of Mediterranean Warehouse pizza but pretty tasty nonetheless! After that I was on a roll spending the next couple of hours buying presents for everybody remaining on my list bar one. It's such a relief to have the bulk of the shopping done especially when I know, or at least have a good idea of what I'm getting for that remaining one. Not only that but I picked out some ideas for stuff that I would like for others too. A very satisfying afternoon.

While browsing Waterstones for book ideas that I'd like, I finally gave in and bought Ian Rankin's The Complaints. Is it just me or does anybody else hate the stupid large size paperback that the publishers introduced a few years back? You know, that size between hardback and normal sized paperback. Effectively the same size as the hardback just in paperback and of course, more expensive than the smaller paperback size. Presumably this was just done as a way of making more money? Anyway it was marked down (small paperback must be out soon :) ) so I bought it as I've finally got through my TBR pile so I felt it was allowed! Just taking a break from sitting in bed reading it in fact to write this.

Budget Day today... probably best not to think about it.

So, for those of you in the Southern hemisphere I guess I should say that I'm thoroughly enjoying the lead up to Christmas here in Ireland. Okay so I could do without the rain (there's alot of it but... it's not raining today... yes!) but the Christmas lights are just great when it's dark outside (which is pretty much anytime after 4:30pm).

One last thing... I got a photo published on Rooms with Great Views yesterday. I submitted it at the end of Nov and published yesterday :)

Anyway I've totally moved in to waffle mode so will stop now. Back to The Complaints...
Happy Christmas :)

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