Sunday, 14 February 2010

Received & Understood

When I was living in NZ I got in to the habit, whenever I posted a blog entry, of posting a link to that entry in Live Journal. I did this because I have Irish and NZ friends who use LJ alot and didn't have an RSS feed to my blog. When I moved back to Ireland I continued to do the same thing. The difference of course is that I haven't exactly posted alot since my return. Anyway, when I checked my email the other I saw that I'd been nudged by a certain Kiwi LJer (you know who you are!) and, well, I guess their nudge worked in as much as I'm posting something now! I mean you even make me feel a little bad!

Presumably the last thing that anybody needs is a diary of what I've been up to the last while so I'll try jot down some snippets instead though I really can't vouch for the level of interestingness :)

How do other folk feel about 3D movies? I went to see Avatar in 3D (not sure you can actually see it in 2D?) in January. I like sci-fi but this wasn't necessarily a movie I'd have picked out of the listings to go see but there were 4 of us going so why not. This was the first 3D movie I've ever seen, and to be honest I don't really see the point. I didn't feel in any way more immersed in the movie than I would be in a well directed, good storyline, good cinematography 2D movie. Actually apart from the fact that this movie was too long, I found the 3D annoying and often alot of the picture was blurred (and not in that nicely out of focus sense). Alot of people that I've spoken to agree that they would prefer to watch a good 2D movie than one in 3D so I'm hoping that 3D is not the way movies are going to go in the future.

On Friday I celebrated my 1st anniversary as Aunty Aoife, while my little nephew celebrated his 1st birthday with an M&M ice cream cake (or rather I suspect it was his Mum & Dad who did!) in Philadelphia. Just looking at photographs of him he's changed so much since January; can't wait to see him at Easter (and go through the "you do know me honest, Matthew!" process again :) ).

I have not been good with the photography since I moved back so last Sunday I suggested that we head down to Avondale House in Rathdrum to go for a walk with the cameras around the area. And, I felt it was about time we made more use of Dave's tripod so that was brought along too. It was a lovely walk but not really a tripod kind of day. I would put up a photo from last Sunday but nothing interesting at all, honest! However I was playing (well getting a bit of a tutorial) with Aperture 3 during the week. I took one of my photos from Budapest last November and I think it came out quite nicely actually. There are so many things to tweak with these tools and I find it so confusing! I'm not sure that I'll ever really get past modifying the white balance, exposure and contrast!!
Winter Light

I did use the tripod yesterday afternoon when I experimented taking some close up photos of some flowers that I got (big aperture so v slow shutter speed). I haven't done anything with them yet but if there's anything decent in there I'll stick it up. I've also borrowed Dave's tripod for the fortnight that he's in Canada (flying today) so hopefully I'll actually be proactive and use it!! I would like to try and get some evening ones with the lights on the Liffey... it's just not quite on my route home. I guess I'll see how the weather behaves (not looking like it's going to be well behaved next week unfortunately)

Oh and before I finish up (I really do have to get my arse in gear and do some cleaning before I head out), if anybody's looking for something to read can i recommend "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barberry or "Black Orchids" by Gillian Slovo. The former I bought in a 3 for 2 - the title intrigued me and the latter (also 3 for 2) is by an author whose other two novels I've loved (Red Dust and Ice Road).

Will try to be better at updating in future... honest :)


Eamonn said...

Hi Aoife. I'm determined not to watch Avatar at all. Not that it'll take much in the way of resolve: the film sounds like a load of rubbish to me, not my kind of thing at all. The way I see it, special effects should only ever noticed when they're bad, otherwise they're just facilitating the telling of a story. They can't be a character in their own right. So... if I wanted to watch a film because the plot sounded interesting and it had special effects than that would be fine. Otherwise I'll miss it. As for 3D specifically, I don't see the point. Ran out and got surround sound for my PC before the home cinema experience had taken off in the home and I think it's useless. Give me quality stereo speakers any day over all these silly little satellites. What's the point in 3D? Television and film are both flat mediums so why make them artificially 3D? Unless they start making films from the first-person perspective then I see absolutely no reason for it!

Nice work on that rose. I haven't gotten a macro photo as good as that out of my D40!

The Avonmore looked quite high in that other photo. There's a great spot in Avondale for paddling and chilling out along that river... but it's best done of a hot summer's day!

Kathleen said...

Hey there, glad to have you back! we are not big fans of 3D, it has to be said. They are using it more and more as it is harder to forge pirate copies.

Have fun with the tripod!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again Eefa. Loved the sensitive photo included with the main story. Just the sort of photo that would/could be used for a "write a story about this photo". Will check out the others later.
Look forward to the results of your coming couple of weeks concentrating on mastering the intricacies of the camera.

Lemonjelly said...

Hey, good to see you back posting on Flickr and blog, was wondering where you'd got to...

I'm back in Ireland (Dunmore East to be precise) after half a year in Germany.

Oh just a technical point of photographic pedantry - a large aperture *value* is actually a small aperture (inside the lens system) :-)


eefa said...

Nice to see all the comments. Thanks :)
@Eamonn, yeah I wouldn't bother with Avatar. Oh and there were actually people kayaking on the Avonmore the day we were there!
@Lemonjelly In relation to the technical point... I know that. So thinking about it, not sure why i was needing slow shutter speed. Possibly the fact that it was indoors. Who knows... Anyway, hope life in Dunmore East is going well. V different to Germany I can't help thinking.