Sunday, 16 May 2010


Today, for the first time in about, oh, 9 years i attended a yoga class. Actually it was a 2h yoga workshop - Relax, Refresh and Renew to be precise. I'm not sure what i expected but what I experienced wasn't necessarily it. I guess I thought there'd be 1.5 hrs of some sort of gentle Hatha yoga followed by a 30 min guided meditation at the end. Actually it turns out that there's a sort of yoga known as Restorative yoga and that's what we did. In restorative yoga you you use alot of aids - bolsters, blocks etc. And you hold the posture for much longer (I did Ashtanga before). Much much much longer.

In 1.5 hrs we did 3 postures with minor variations in 2 of them. My shoulders are in a state of shock but focussing on the breathing made so much difference. Moving out of the first two postures were difficult for me - effectively complementary back stretches. The last 30 mins was a yoga nidra, guided meditation. At first I found it moving too fast but suddenly it was over. Unbelievably. I loved it.

Overall, for me, the enjoyment wasn't in the class itself but how I felt/feel afterwards. Normally I hate having complete silence in my apartment (I'm one of those folk people who either puts the TV or music on just for some sound). This evening I loved the silence. In fact I relished it. I was extremely conscious of the silence and purposely kept it. There's another workshop at the end of June; it's my baby sister's hen weekend but after this afternoon I'm hoping I'll be back from Galway in time to attend this workshop. Fantastic :)

Okay, Lewis is on so enough for now.