Saturday, 5 June 2010

Istanbul - Departure and Arrival Part I


Left home at 7:50am Sat morning and it was a beautiful day outside. For the first time in what seemed like a long time I walked down to the bus stop wearing a t-shirt and not even feeling slightly chilly! It was wonderfully sunny and warm...

We were sitting beside a young Turkish guy who had spent the previous 4 weeks in Ireland visiting his new born son. He was very friendly without being intrusive and one of the things he said that surprised me is that Turkey is not a really a coffee nation. Turns out that he was right... :)

We arrived in Istanbul a little after 5pm, where to my consternation it was not warm and was raining! Luckily at least we weren't having to wander around in that rain - we got a metro from the airport and then a tram and from there we jumped in a taxi for the last leg (the alternative was bus) and finally checked in sometime after 7:30.

We spent our first night in Ortakoy in the Radisson Blu thanks to Dave's hotel points. It was a v nice hotel but not sure that I would think it's worth it if you were paying their prices. The room was v comfortable but both of us heard the thudding music from the club downstairs during the night!

Our first evening was a baked potato with, I have to admit a scary amount of salt added to it. It got added so fast I didn't know how to react! Weirdly it didn't taste overly salty. There were loads of stalls/cafes selling these baked potatoes and they all seemed to have exactly the same toppings. Really not sure how they distinguish themselves from their competitors!

No photos from the first evening but not to worry, I made up for it during the rest of the week :)

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