Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Thursday cruise on the Bosphorous Strait

The Bosphorous Strait forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia with parts of Istanbul on either side; hence my references in earlier posts about heading across to the European or Asian side of Istanbul. On Thursday we took a ferry sailing up the Bosphorous Strait from Eminonu up to Anadolukavagi. The sailing takes about 90 mins each way and we had 3 hrs onland during which time we headed up to the remains of Yoros Castle, had a lunch of some v tasty sea bass and a brief wander around the village before returning back to Eminonu.

All aboard - Bosphorous Cruise

Waiting for the off... it was a beautiful day out

Along the way we passed some wonderful water side luxurious homes...
Luxurious Water Front House

I was constantly flitting back and forth to look at stuff on the Asian side or the European side... busy busy
Enjoying the Views

Once we landed we took the short walk (~20 mins) up to the remains of Yoros Castle. To be honest there's no much up there but great views.
Relaxing at the Top

Needless to say, all the restaurants down at the waterfront try to grab you the minute you walk past. We passed two restaurants on the way up; they were sorta the same but anyway we stopped at one on on the way down. Due to the location they were all mainly fish restaurants. I'd had a rather disappointing fish dinner the night before but I had the sea bass (unlike in Ireland the fish comes with head etc still attached!) here and it was very tasty. Very much enjoyed :)

Once we got to the bottom we found a bench and sat in the shade to cool down... well Dave sat down I wandered off for some ice cream :) Noticed these two old guys across the road from us just sitting around chatting (I did notice in Turkey that alot of blokes seem to sit around chatting while the women out working!)
Chilling & Chatting

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