Monday, 7 June 2010

Tuesday in Goreme


Woke up in our lovely room in the Arch Palace in Goreme. It was fantastically bright and sunny and warm outside. I was happy :)


We had a yummy breakfast on the terrace with lovely view over Goreme.

Goreme Village

After breakfast it was checkout time, store the bags an doff to get that coffee that I desperately needed (it had been 48 hrs by now) before heading off the Open Air Museum. The coffee tasted good, not fantastic but it did the trick for me and it was beautifully presented with a totally tasty little chocolate cake.

Much Needed  Coffee

After that we decided we really should get a move on and head off to the Open Air Museum where we'd end up spending the morning before getting a Turkish pizza (meat for Dave, veggie for me) before getting on bus back to Ankara at 2pm.

The Open Air Museum (World Heritage Site) is totally worth a visit. It was busy with a number of tour groups but I guess being in the open air meant that this was only a problem when trying to get in to certain churches (Kilises). This was originally a Byzantine monastic settlement housing some 20 monks and from the 17th century it was it was a pilgrimage site. What makes this so amazing is that all the churches and living accommodation is cut out of stone and there are wonderful frescos in the churches. Some of the frescos have been defaced by the iconoclasts but not all.

St George in the Azize Barbara Sapeli

Fresco in the The Barbara Sapeli

Building Interior

Dining Hall for the Monks

Frescoed Ceiling

Ceiling Fresco

Fresco in the Karanlik Kilise Church

Defaced Fresco

Karanlik Kilise Exterior

After wandering around here for a few hours we headed back in to Goreme and I had my first and last lunch that I enjoyed rather than just getting something to eat - a Turkish pide (neeless to say, one of the meatless ones :) )

The rest of the afternoon was on the bus back to Ankara. Once there we had a fish sandwich for dinner (as before I still think they're too dry) and then off to the train station for the overnight 22:30 Ankara express to Ankara. Overall, a great day :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an introduction to a place far beyond anything I've seen before. Fantastic.
I used the link to Arch Palace Hotel and was amused to read:-
"English, Japanese and Turkish speaking stuff".
They had corrected this further in the site though. 'Stuff' is a word I use far too ofen in inappropriate places, event to naming folders, like BC Stuff etc..
Off to explore your Flickr page.


Kathleen said...

Looks like such a fantastic trip. It looks beautiful and looks like the weather was good for you most of the time. Sounds like public transport there is good too, must remember that for the future. I understand about the coffee after having given up caffeine recently the headaches are a killer.

Beautiful photographs by the way!