Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Baby Sister got married

My youngest sister Jill got married in the middle of the July. It was a wonderful day with everyone looking wonderful. The bride was 20 mins late walking up the aisle, which I personally love as Jill is never ever late for anything. Not that Billy was worried...
Still Waiting...

The mother of the bride looked mega elegant walking up the aisle with her grandson (who was more concerned about where his mother, matron of honour, was)
Mum & Matthew

The bridesmaids were beautifully elegant and grinning madly
Jen & Ciara

but nobody could surpass the bride for elegance (sorry Mum!)
A Smiling Bride

Obviously I'm biased but...
A Smiling Jill

I even got in to a photo or two myself at Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim where the reception was held. This is me with Ciara, my other sister
What's so funny?

and of course one the bride and her sisters
The Bride & Her Sisters

Have to say that I think the blokes (Ciara's husband Eunan to the left and Dave) looked pretty good too!
Dave & Eunan

and (Paul my brother is second from the left beside his girlfriend Jia)
The Boys and Jia

The food was gorgeous and the dancing was great. And this I think is my favourite photo of the day because to me it says it all... Jill walking to Billy for the first dance while he has his hands out to welcome her (guess I'm more of a softie than I like to let on) :)
The First Dance

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