Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's nearly Christmas... again!

It's the Sunday before Christmas and I spent last night baking the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake followed by Bridget Jones' Diary on TV while wrapping my Christmas presents. Now I know that this may not sound like the most exciting way to spend a Saturday evening but as I had had a fairly tiring week I found this wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.

There's snow outside again this morning. I know that one is meant to love the idea of having snow so close to Christmas but after the previous blast from which we only had a 1 week break I'm not sure that I'm prepared for the icey roads and ice rink like footpaths again! Though on the positive side, at least I'm not going to be dependent on a flight to get to my family for Christmas!

We headed to Christchurch Cathedral on Friday evening for a beautiful performance of Handel's Messiah performed by the Irish Baroque Orchestra and The Resurgam Choir. While I attended this same performance last year I enjoyed it alot more this year... possibly because, as Dave pointed out, the soloists were more balanced with each other. Wonderful music... and luckily there wasn't more than a smattering of snow on the ground when we left the cathedral.

Other random thoughts from the past while:
I made these chocolate truffles last week... they're easy to make and even my Dad loved them. Definitely worth trying out if you want to impress others. Bit like the chocolate brownies I make though, I'm not that keen on them. I think I've eaten 2 of them in a week, the rest being consumed my Dave, family and some friends at work.

But these lemon slices are definitely something I could consume without too much trouble. I made these for a bake sale in aid of SVP on Fri and not sure how but I never actually got around to getting a slice for myself?!

I know that I like Cosmopolitans but on Tues evening I had a Grapefruit Cosmopolitan. Yummy!

Finally got the bulk of my Christmas shopping completed last Monday and Tuesday. Phew! Hopefully I'll manage the little odds and ends on Tuesday lunch time.

Happy Christmas and safe (and successful) travels to all those travelling over the next few weeks.

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